Schlegel Williams is a full-service, licensed commercial general contractor that can help you with your construction project every step of the way, from the planning stage through final completion. We are willing to assist you with a wide range of projects, from small to large and complex construction projects.

  • Planning – Our experienced team will meet with you and discuss ways in which your vision can be realized, and can provide valuable input up front on potential costs, pitfalls, code issues, material types, and other items which could potentially affect your project.
  • Budget Pricing – With your plan in mind, but sometimes before an architect has become involved (if applicable to your project), we can help determine approximately what your project will cost to complete based on the level of detail you can provide. This helps you determine what kind of funding you require, and also identifies areas where you may be able to cut costs or change directions and still achieve your planned objectives.
  • Estimating – With a firm plan in hand, we request pricing from a great number of subcontractors that we’re familiar with to get you the lowest price on all aspects of your project. We assemble the most experienced yet least expensive construction team available for your project that will satisfy all of your objectives. We also identify areas of potential cost savings and present them as alternatives as part of our proposal. Our skilled estimators ensure that no item is forgotten and all costs are anticipated, and we always stand by our original estimate.
  • Tenant Finish – A tenant finish project is a construction/remodel project in an existing space or building. We work closely with you, the building owner, the landlord and neighboring tenants to ensure that construction of your space is completed on time, on budget, and without disruption to ongoing business at the building.
  • Ground-Up – A “ground-up” project is the construction of a new building on a vacant lot, which may or may not include a tenant finish project at the completion of the building shell. We have completed many “ground-up” building projects in Colorado and surrounding states, and have assembled a team of the best subcontractors in the region specific to this type of work, with experience in all building construction types.
  • Design/Build – We can serve as the single source for all aspects of your project from beginning to end, including production of architectural and engineered drawings required for the building permit. Utilizing our contacts with various experienced architects and engineering firms around the state, we can provide essentially a “turn-key” approach to the construction process for you. If you can tell us what you want, we can provide everything that’s required to make your vision a reality.
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